Christopher Seaman

Building data science and growth teams


Director - Experimentation


Founded Experimentation team and led Marketing Analytics, reporting to executive leadership. Designed and built A/B testing platform, hired data science team, and ran customer acquisition growth (multiple 20%+ wins). Responsible for top-of-funnel reporting, quarterly/annual budget & forecasting, data governance, and root cause analysis of anomalies.

Director - Data Science & Growth


Founded the Growth org and led the Data Science team, reporting to the CEO. Set priorities, roadmaps & strategy, and hired technical leadership. Established experimentation platform and best practices for new features, A/B tests, and pricing. Improved ML grouping of errors (Rollbar’s competitive differentiator) by 35% and reduced alert noise by 80%.



Co-founded fintech startup focused on helping independent contractors with their banking and taxes, targeting gig economy workers. As head of product and research, I secured initial funding, recruited and hired engineering & design, and set sprint and epic priorities while building MVP.

Growth & Monetization Lead


Led a team of 10 responsible for the growth of Dropbox's individual paid plans (representing the majority of revenue) through IPO. Launched free trials for Dropbox mobile and redesigned the over-quota user state (where most free users convert to paid). Web, email, and in-product experiments resulted in wins totaling $80m+ in annual recurring revenue.

Data Science Team Lead


Founded, hired, and led the growth data science team (5 people) from pre- to post-IPO. Responsible for A/B testing, personalization, and optimization of Atlassian signup flows as well as research design for online marketing efficacy, causal inference, attribution, and ROAS models. Winning experiments resulted in 250,000 additional active users and millions of dollars in saved marketing spend. Recruited and interviewed the entire marketing analytics team of 10.

Experiment Design & Analysis


Designed methodologies for generative research on web-scale data. Created and extended analytical, segment-based tools for more informed planning and improved efficiency in the experimentation of site-wide changes. Designed tools and protocols for running experiments on terabyte-scale datasets.

Statistical Consultant

United BioSource Corporation

Served as a lead statistical analyst in studies of disease course, therapeutic effects, and clinical adherence. Synthesized data across multiple sources, including large, multiple-hundred-gigabyte datasets.

Adjunct Professor

Babson College

Taught graduate course in analytics, data-mining, and visualization with a focus on business applications.

Statistical Consultant

Dyad Systems

Planned and conducted statistical analysis of clinical trial data demonstrating the efficacy of therapeutic interventions and medical devices.

Adjunct Professor

John Jay College

Developed and taught semester-length classes at the undergraduate, master's, and doctoral levels. Course topics included statistics, computer science, remedial mathematics, and calculus.

Research Fellow

International Technology Alliance

Conducted novel cryptographic research within a consortium of universities and information industry partners alongside the U.S. Army Research Labs and U.K. Ministry of Defense / Government Communications Headquarters.

Statistical Researcher

Human Services Research Institute

Designed an economic and outcomes-based model of mental health systems based on Markov processes. Oversaw and conducted primary statistical analyses and meta-analytic comprehensive reviews. Researched meta-analysis of disparate Markov transition probability tables into a single simulation.

Bioinformatics Analyst

Whitehead Institute/ MIT Center for Genome Research

Mapped portions of the human genome as a tiling path of bacterial artificial clones informed by disparate data sources & comparative genomics. Collaborated in publishing the Human Genome Project, with two articles in Nature.


Board Director, Governance Chair

Felton Institute


City University of New York Graduate Center


Doctor of Philosophy (ABD)

City University of New York Graduate Center


Master of Arts

Wheaton College (MA)


Bachelor of Arts