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Hands-on Data Science Builder


About me

With over two decades of experience, I'm a seasoned data scientist who excels at transforming raw data into actionable insights. What truly distinguishes me is my unwavering commitment to cultivating a culture rooted in the ideals of DevOps: Locality and Simplicity, Flow and Joy, and the Improvement of Daily Work. I thrive tackling complex problems and propelling business success through technology. As a leader, I'm recognized for my ability to motivate teams to create impactful solutions that seamlessly bridge the gap between data-driven insights and tangible outcomes.

Driven by the ideals of DevOps, I have fostered thriving team cultures by cultivating an environment where collaboration and shared ownership flourish. A prime example of this approach was an early bundling test for Jira: a test that initially quadrupled signups but led to a dip in conversions. Instead of viewing this as a setback, the team and stakeholders embraced transparent communication to question assumptions and devise new tests. After several iterations, this approach yielded a resounding success, forming the foundation of the bundling strategy still in use today.

Core strengths


Principal Data Scientist, Head of Data Science

Bay View Analytics | 2023 - present

Lector Honorarius

UCSF | 2023 - present

Director - Experimentation

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